Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Simple Desktops

I discovered this site when looking for sources for my other wallpaper posts. Simple Desktops is absolutely brimming with crisp, clean-cut wallpapers which are, like it says on the tin, simple, but profound, too.

'Totoro' by Marc Friederich
'Brain' by Jack
'Sharktopus' by Veronica
'8-Bit Sky' by Matt Schwarz
'Taken Sheep' by João Vitor Munduruca
I had to be immensely picky with choosing ones to feature in this post, but definitely check the rest out. There are a few video game-related ones which will make you smile.


  1. hehe i've been reading your blog and it's amazing how some of our tastes are similar! i really love Miyazaki's artwork to lolita fashion to gothic-ness in general! :D


  2. These are so cute! Love.

    <3 Josephine

  3. Its really amazing and informative blog!!! Thanku so much. Here is something about Japanese style clothing


Thank you ♥

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