Sunday, 9 September 2012

Roman baths

This time I will grudgingly admit to myself the futility of hiding the name of the place where these photos were taken. I will, however, openly admit that this day trip was several weeks ago, in the last bank holiday weekend. As I mentioned before, I forgot my camera at my sister's house - disaster! - so can only upload these now.

As it was a bank holiday weekend, and a glorious day at that, there were masses of people in that little tourist town that day. The queue for the baths looked long, but felt considerably shorter due to the busking violinist in the square nearby. He must have been awfully warm, in black long-sleeved attire. He played some Bach, I remember. We applauded.

Our wait was rewarded by a very beautiful hall in which tickets were sold for the baths.

Inside the baths, the water is indeed as green as it appears in all of the photos I've seen of the place in the past. Inside the museum, I tasted it. It was warm, and disgusting. But at least now I can say I've tasted Roman bath water!

After our visit, we ate at Subway, because we are sophisticated and I never get to eat Subway, then spent the last few minutes at the fashion museum. But that's going to be another post because I'm busy with school, so until then.

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