Monday, 15 October 2012


Moving on from the pattern of polka-dots is the eternally classic chequers, also known as or similar to plaid and tartan. Who doesn't have a chequered something-or-other somewhere in their wardrobe? Chequered scarves, shirts and coats are all over the place on the streets and on the internet, but here's a pick of my personal favourites.

Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with a chequered shirt and jeans. It is comfortable, practical and is easy to look good in, but from a fashion point of view, quite uninspired. Nevertheless, there are far more interesting ways to wear chequers - whether it be a skirt, shirt or dress - which, I think, is at the cost of not much more effort. Just a well-placed scarf, jacket or belt can do wonders.

I personally like to wear chequered shirts as outerwear in the summer, rather than as a top. It makes the layering a little more interesting, and I love layering. And of course, there's nothing like stealing your mother's man shirt (so I call it) when she's not wearing it.

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  1. fantastic post. i have a checked shirt but i would really like a skirt.
    planning to wear my shirt layered up over another shirt to keep warm like i saw on the look show

    1. Thank you! I'm starting to wear a wool chequered circle skirt I found now, will have to show you guys some time.


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