Monday, 27 August 2012

"Will you recognise me?"

This is as simple as it gets, for me. For some inconceivable reason I've always liked this top with the skirt, but have never had the footwear for it. You may think that I indeed still do not have the correct footwear for an otherwise very romantic look, but I've been dying to show you these boots, so here we are.
Top: Monsoon, mum's wardrobe
Skirt: Next
Bracelets: Accessorize, Christmas present
Boots: Doc Martens, eBay

I think these bracelets I received last Christmas go perfectly with the top.

I've been wearing the Docs to town and on day trips and things like that, and so far, none of those horror stories I hear about breaking Docs in have been realised. They're being kind to me, it seems, though I better be nice to them in case they change their mind. I went to Bath on Sunday, the only sunny day this long weekend, but I've left my camera at my sister's place so I'll have to wait a while to post the photos up!


  1. I think your new Docs are a great match for this outfit. It puts a little edge to the playfull and romantic top and skirt and I think that suits your style very well!


Thank you ♥

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