Thursday, 16 August 2012

Oriental Adventures

It's so, so good to be back home - back to clean tap water, breathable air, soft beds, sandwiches and unfiltered internet. My post-China blogging activities begins with a photo bomb, and will be followed by some really neat stuff I bought, so stick around these couple of days!

Graveyard cat with heterochromia
Visiting late grandparents at the graveyard, I stalked a dirty white cat, one of the half-wild animals wandering about the place. This cat also had a couple of baby cats, neither of which I could approach very closely.


Old bank
These were taken at what used to be a bank. Now it's a tourist attraction in the middle of a park. Park culture is interesting in China. You do get people milling around in daytime; at noon it's very hot; but nighttime is when the park comes alive. There are huge throngs of people, young and old, dancing or power-walking or singing after the sun goes down and it's cooler.

In the park
In the bank-turned-museum, some pro stuck the exit sign upside down.

Upside-down sign

In an aquarium

No idea what I did to the camera settings here...

In China, even the sandcastles have squinty eyes. I wish I could say I made it, but I didn't.

In another park, we saw a really pro kite flier on the bridge.

Kite flier

During my stay in China, I may have won an eBay auction for some boots I've had my eye on for the longest time. Can you guess what they are? I'm dying for them to arrive, so more news on those when they turn up.


  1. Awesome photos, especially the first one. It's amazing.


    1. Thank you - that cat was awesome :D

  2. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm your newest follower, I'd love if you follow me back :)

    <3 Josephine

  3. wow amazing photos ! beautiful ! following you now,xo

  4. Hello dear!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment
    followed you on GFC!!
    Great pics
    let me know as soon as you have a new post


Thank you ♥

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