Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New tights

To finish off showing you all the stuff I bought from Chinaland, check out these tights. Their prices range from 9 to 25 RMB, all from the indoor market. In UK I've always my eyes open for cool tights, but China is absolutely stuffed with them.

Zoom in!
The patterns on the first and fourth tights are under the knee, meaning that they'll be concealed when wearing boots, but I suppose it will encourage me to give my other shoes a little more love! The 3rd pair has a faint chequered pattern as well as the hearts, so you'll have to zoom in to see the details.

Which one is your favourite?


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  2. The bow on the first one is really lovely. But I truely love the flower/leave pattern of the last. I already have so many colourful stockings in my closet waiting for the temperatures to drop here in Switzerland...

    1. I love the last one too - the one on display was the last one but I liked the design so much, I asked the shopkeeper to take it down for me. I did get it 5RMB cheaper though!


Thank you ♥

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