Friday, 10 August 2012


I first saw these official Mario headphones in Tesco, and immediately wanted them. They were about a fiver cheaper on the internet though, so I had it delivered instead since I wasn't in a rush.

Headphones: Nintendo,
I think the design would be cooler if the mushrooms were 3D and actually went into the ears, with the shaft/stem/stalk/whatever it's called being the earbud, but these will do!

Phone charm of my favourite mascot, 晶晶
For the past four years or so, I've had this little thing attached to my iPod, which I got from China in 2008. I adore the Olympics mascots - they're cute, cuddly-looking and are unmistakably Chinese. Their inspirations and symbolism are also really interesting, which are all in a handy table on Wikipedia.

The London 2012 mascots, on the other hand...

Wenlock and Mandeville
After getting over the creepy cyclops eyes and the peculiar names (which I am actually warming to) I'm not really getting 'UK' from these characters, just how the Olympics logo abomination has nothing to do with UK either. If you look really hard at their heads, they've got taxi lights, but that's all I'm getting. Apparently, they're formed from drips of metal from the last girder of the Olympic stadium.

Apparently, like the logo, Wenlock and Mandeville are supposed to represent a modern, digital age. A journalist on Globe and Mail, according to Wikipedia, described them as a product of a "drunken one-night stand between a Teletubby and a Dalek." I see the resemblance there.

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  1. apparently manderville gets its name from stoke manderville a leading hospital... im not sure where wenlock got its name. although i think they are quite cute i still ask myself why? maybe its because their simple design is so easy to copy they hope people will be scribbling them everywhere
    love the headphones- it would be very cool if the mushrooms went into yur ears!


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