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Another of my favourite costume designer Colleen Atwood's triumphs is the breath-taking collection of costumes in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Overall, the film is nothing phenomenal, but I only watched in the cinema twice because the visuals are so absolutely stunning.

Atwood's illustrations
While the storyline has always been a touch too random for me, the visual world of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland never fails to capture my imagination, with its motifs of size distortion, card suits, tea parties, disembodied grins and general drugginess. (I regret to admit I cannot read too deeply into it, as I read the books many years ago.)

The visual fantasticality of Tim Burton's film did not disappoint, and I feasted my eyes, fascinated by the characters, costumes and scenery. Alice's signature pale blue dress is familiar, but a little more mature, to suit Alice's age in the film.

Just look at the animal embroidery along the rim of the dress, the little stripey fingerless gloves, the neat row of black buttons, the beautiful lace and ribbon neckline. As I've said before in my wishlist post on Victorian blouses, I absolutely love the elegance and sophistication of Victorian fashion.

"Young Alice is in a neverland between adult clothes and children’s clothes,
 which is why I made the blue dress the way that it is, it doesn’t quite touch the ground, 
it doesn’t have a hoop, it doesn’t have a corset but it has embroidery around the hem 
which acknowledges Wonderland in a way but without saying it."
- Atwood on the blue dress

The showstopper frock, however, was most definitely the red dress. I just could not get enough of it. The asymmetricality, the translucency of the layers, the frayed ruffle, even the little arm wrap Alice acquires during the film, it's perfect.

A display at ArcLight Hollywood


  1. Another great blog post! :-) I really like it! Looking forward to your next one! Have a great day.

  2. Wow, I like this movie so much :)

  3. I'm so in love with this movie, as well! Most of all because of the scenery and the costumes. You're post makes me want watch it right over again...

    Mary Jane

    1. Thanks, it's great for eye candy isn't it?

  4. love this movie!

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  5. The movie is so great, it's all so fairy tale like. And I love the clothes even more. The red dress is awesome. The best character is The Mad Hatter. He's my all time favourite (:

    Please drop by xx

    1. Depp is amazing at looking nothing like himself xD


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