Thursday, 14 June 2012

Steampunk Long Fall Boot

Lace-up boots are a long-standing love of mine. Portal is one of my favourite games. You already know where I stand with regards to steampunk. So, as part of my art coursework, I designed this boot, which ties in to my fascinator with the concertina newspaper wing. Cogs, heel springs and wings - overkill? Probably yes.

Steampunk Long Fall Boot on DeviantART
On Paint Tool SAI I traced over my pencil sketch, added textures (which I've linked to on my dA) and shaded them in a little. Don't zoom in. Just don't.

Ex-Aperture test subjects will recognise the heel spring
Want to find out more about Aperture's Long Fall Boot, as a potential investor or simply as a crippled test subject hoping to avoid future accidents? Look no further than Cave Johnson's enrapturing advertisement.


  1. Great design sweetie , very unique and artistic :)

    PS: Enter my first giveaway, chance to win free camera tripod.

  2. i love the boot! did u draw it?!
    can't wait to see you on my blog!

  3. So amazing! Love those boots!
    An yes, the picture at the Art Basel was really huge ;-) I have soooooooo many pictures I'm going to have to divide my report into several posts ;-) The first one will be published at the latest tomorrow.

    Mary Jane


Thank you ♥

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