Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Steampunk fascinator

I think the first art project I almost took seriously from its beginning was this hat project, which coincided with the royal wedding. Since it's a style mostly unheard of 'in real life', basing the project on steampunk ensured my work was unique from my copycat classmates, and gave me an excuse to look at pretty things for inspiration.

Unsurprisingly, it has the crudeness one would expect of a school art piece at this level, but hopefully it will get me the marks. The art I really value and wish to keep is the 2D stuff I did more recently, the paintings and such. 3D is not my area.

Does that cog in the middle look familiar? The DT department had some Lego Technic pieces kicking around, which they kindly donated to me. I shoddily spray-painted it with a sickly yellow colour, which was the closest I could find to gold or copper colours.

My starting idea with this was the concertina-folded newspaper... windmill... thing. It's the only place the whole object can be held from safely, because if you try and hold it from anywhere else, the whole thing will just disintegrate.

Admittedly, my final piece was not a hat but a fascinator, which just about stays on, balancing precariously on my head on a plastic comb from the market, provided I don't move. At all.

Traced photo
 I traced over a photo just now just to confirm how awkwardly it sits on the head. There are chains hanging from it, chains I salvaged from a disgustingly tacky necklace from Tesco I bought for a pound or two solely for the chains, which I thought may come in handy one day. Usually when I buy things like that, I forget about it and never use it, but these chains were indeed useful.


  1. The hat looks cool, but your drawing of it in the end is amazing! I'm not good at drawing and painting, but my strengh lies in 3D-work - that's also the area I work in. So, I guess, our strengths are pretty much the opposite ;-)

    Mary Jane

    1. Aww thanks :3 The art exam course I took combined 3D and 2D so we had opportunities - or was forced? - to do both. The teachers have a habit of pushing people towards 3D, perhaps because marks are easier to gain with 3D projects, but eventually I realised that I could stuff the teachers and go with my own strength.


Thank you ♥

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