Thursday, 21 June 2012


Experiments to run, research to be done...

I drew a comic! I've been playing lots of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword these few days. I have the habit of getting very bogged down in sidequests and minigames for those evasive heart pieces I'd swim in lava for. Or rather, make Link swim in lava for. We do what we must because we can!

'Experiment' on DeviantART
 It's a masterpiece, I know. I did spend a whole twenty minutes or so on it.

Sometimes it's hard to get Link to do a certain move at the crucial split second, because my left hand twitched on the nunchuck or because I veered half a degree to the right when thrusting the remote forward. Apart from the occasionally temperamental controls, Skyward Sword is really awesome.

I played two hours of violin this morning and it almost killed me. Everything's almost killing me nowadays - I should toughen up. I also had another awful dream - or sensation? - of auditions and violin lessons and who knows what else clashing together. It gets to the point where it's making me doubt myself, but thinking about it lucidly, my violin lesson is definitely not on the same day as my audition, so at least that was only an imagining.


  1. Too good!
    I love Link, been a long time since i've played zelda.
    looks great!

    1. For me, Zelda's like one of those diseases which just keeps coming back, and right now I'm absolutely sky high with Zelda fever right now xD

  2. Hi,nice blog.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other:).

    Keep going good job!

  3. Beautiful blog :)
    Follow each other?

  4. fellow zelda lover! :) i adore your comic;D follow me back?
    i blog a lot of zelda stuffs!

    1. Zelda's been a long love of mine :3


Thank you ♥

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