Thursday, 31 May 2012

Silk and angry pansies

Are these not the most discontent flowers you have ever laid eyes upon? I was just having a cup of tea - the first in days, due to the recently fled warm weather - in the back garden, and I spotted their furious faces glaring up at me. I find them hilariously endearing.

'Silk' is actually a colloquial term for a fancy senior barrister, a member of the Queen's Council. It's also the name of a BBC 1 courtroom drama, of which I caught the third episode of the second series this Tuesday at 9pm, which was quite interesting, though I didn't understand it fully, and the characters were strangers. Today I watched the first two episodes of the series on iPlayer, and much to my surprise, really enjoyed it.

From Ace Attorney I learnt what defence attorneys, prosecutors and defendants are. From Silk, I've learnt the meaning of barrister, solicitor and, of course, 'silk'. How very educational this all is. A 'courtroom drama' sounds soul-destroyingly dull, but it's really not.

The evil solicitor character I recognised as the taxi driver of A Study in Pink, series one of Sherlock. This correlates to my theory of a metaphorical BBC bin of British actors, from which at least one must be in every single BBC drama. The creator is one Peter Moffat, which made me do a double-take, but apparently he's not related to Steven Moffat.

Alas, I must wait until Tuesday for the next episode of Silk. There are those American and Chinese dramas which air so fast and for so long, but I suppose the quality and familiarity of British dramas make them worth the wait.


  1. Hahahaa, those flowers are awesome. Really, I love it that you posted this. Hahaha xx

  2. pretty pansies! I used to obsessed with them when I was younger.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!

  3. wow, such a sweet flowers;)

    may be we can follow each other? Just let me know and I'll surely return the favor!


  4. Lol, these flowers are really cool! :-)

    Mary Jane


Thank you ♥

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