Monday, 21 May 2012


With deepest bitterness and suspicion, I handed in all of my art coursework before my exams started. I will never see them again until the end of this year. If for whatever reason the school cannot return the art to me, or if they have been damaged at all, I will flipping eat their babies.

Hatter-inspired design on DeviantART
This is drawing inks and watercolour on canvas. This beautiful emerald green ink I found in the art department decided for me the main colour of the costume design, which made things easier for me.

Based on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I tried to combine elements of the Mad Hatter's costume - pinstripe suit, top hat, spools of thread as belts (which I pretty much copied exactly because they remind me of bullet belts which is kind of cool) and bow tie - with elements of Victorian women's fashion. So out came the frills, lace and killer boots I've been doodling for years and years, with an eclectic mix of patterns and colours for the 'Mad' in the Hatter. (Ain't nothing like a bit of mercury poisoning.)

This piece was very much in my comfort zone, and it's probably the one product of taking art I value most. My other big painting was for my final exam so I never had the chance to photograph it, and never will for at least half a year. Until then, I'll just have to mope around with an empty space on the wall where my Hatter painting once hung.


  1. This picture is so amazingly beautiful! I love it and I think it's great that you use it as your blog header - a truely worthy place!

    Mary Jane

  2. Amazing artwork!

    Inspirations & CELEBRATIONS

  3. nice sketch! you are so talented.. thank you for sharing :)

    Hei Echa!


Thank you ♥

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