Sunday, 27 May 2012

Eurovision 2012

I can hardly bring myself to tag this post with 'music' because that's really pushing it, isn't it? However, I must admit that I do enjoy watching Eurovision if I've time. At the moment I'm watching it on iPlayer because I was busy playing Trine 2 and Jamestown last night with Mir and Cel, so I couldn't write detailed notes on what I thought of the acts like I did last year. But because I have a fashiony blog now, I couldn't resist writing something about the costumes.

Rona Nishliu
Dreadlock-wrapped spare brain, cable stuck to her chest, helmetless astronaut dress. Yep, she must be an alien from the furthest reaches of space. Even in a Star Wars or Doctor Who set, she'd look bad. As for the song, let's never speak of it. Ever.

Buranovskiye Babushki
I was frankly disgusted with the song, which was quite disappointing because I knew there was hype for Russia, but didn't know why, and unfortunately assumed that it was for good reason. They looked fabulous though. The patterns, warm colours and fishscale necklaces are lovely.

I suspect I may be going against convention, but I didn't like this dress. According to Norton, it's designed by Gaultier, but that doesn't mean we all have to like it - I'm not digging the corset, pants and transparent skirt and I think she looks stupid.

Nina Zilli
My first impressions are Amy Winehouse, and aluminium foil. Nevertheless, as I look a little longer, she doesn't look so bad. Yes, it's undoubtedly foil, but I think it's styled nicely with the red lipstick, shoes and earrings.

Sabina Babayeva
I quite like this dress... except the fluffy shoulder pads. What is it with Eurovision and shoulder pads this year? Bosnia's singer had awful shoulder pads too. Usually there's lots of all-white ensembles, but this year all-black seems to be getting a fair share too.

The song was disgusting, but especially combined with this tasteless ensemble. At least the plastic tassly abomination she's donning matches the trashy song. Also, I spotted at least three people with that hairstyle, one of which was the Azerbaijan singer.

Much to your disappointment, Jedward are unfortunately not going to grace my blog with their metallic Power Ranger suits. Sorry, folks.

On the actual songs, in no particular order I quite enjoyed Estonia, Iceland, Serbia and Spain. Though I've forgotten what they all sound like by now...

All the photos in this post are from the Eurovision website.

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