Saturday, 12 May 2012

Backpack art

Ginge brought to my attention an article on Stylist about a fantastic collection of backpacks, a product of Eastpak's collaboration with over a hundred artists around the world. Not only are they spectacular works of art, but their proceeds will also go towards HIV and AIDS awareness.

I can't stand handbags. It must be a remnant retained from my old tomboyish ways, but I find them immensely inconvenient, since they often take up a hand holding them in place on my shoulder. While I do own a few, I definitely favour my shoulder bags over them. Whenever I go on a serious  day trip, however, it has to be a backpack - large volume and weight capacity, and hands-free.

With some difficulty keeping the number down to something managable for this post, I picked out some of my favourites from Eastpak's website.

|| Ozlem Kaya ||

|| Al Giga ||

|| Maico Akiba || Maria ||


  1. Wow, really stylish backbacks! Thank you for sharing!

    Mary Jane


Thank you ♥

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