Friday, 27 April 2012

"You know your place in the sky"

As you can tell from the numerous layers, this look's a leftover from the winter just gone. Piling on the knitwear is super cosy and you should try it.

Isn't UK the cutest? Everyone on the news and weather is freaking out because of 'drought' and how we can't water our gardens or wash our cars and we are going to shrivel up like raisins and die. Then a couple of days later, everyone on the news and weather is freaking out because of rain and flooding and other things which are to be expected of our friend, the weather wizard.
Scarf: present from sister's mother-in-law
Top: Marks and Spencers
Knitted vest thing: 姝女房, China
Cardigan: Matalan, mum's wardrobe
Bag: 'Made in Italy', mum's cupboard
Belt: sister's wardrobe
Skirt: Next
Armwarmers: New Look
Tights: Tesco
Socks: Next
Boots: Safiya, China

Matching gloves and scarf and matching boots, bag and belt makes me very happy, and being warm keeps me healthy and migraine-free, so it is What I Call 'All Good'.

Before I quit, may I bring to your attention a kind blogger, Molly, who featured me? You can find the interview at her blog, The Extra-Ordinary. Thank you for having me there, Molly!


  1. Wow, I love this outfit.
    Everything fits so well together! x

  2. Lovely outfit with a romantic feel. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Following you now.

  3. Such a pretty skirt! and total outfit is just so lovely! xo akiko

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