Monday, 16 April 2012

"We're all of us stars"

Now I've moved on to raiding my dad's wardrobe too. This blue wool jumper's a little small for him, but all the better for me!

Shirt: China, sister's wardrobe
Ribbon: Hobbycraft, with a snap button I sewed on
Jumper: China, dad's wardrobe
Skirt: E.Land, China
Boots: Clarks

Despite it being my favourite colour, I don't wear yellow a lot, simply because it's not all that easy a colour to work with for clothes. I found this yellow shirt with stars all over it, and being the matching Nazi I am, it had to go with my skirt from China with the little bit of yellow tartan on the underskirt I like to obsess over.

Skirt: E.Land, China
Tomorrow, school starts again, and a month from now, my exams do too. Sad times.


  1. Love your outfit. Your style is exquisite. Id definitely love to feature you, so ill get in touch soon with some more details!!


  2. Lovely, I like your tights a lot <3

  3. the shirt is so cute! love your style x


Thank you ♥

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