Friday, 6 April 2012

Revisering music

It's the Easter holidays, so for those at that tragic age in education, that means revision. Instead of using clocks or kitchen timers to make an attempt to record how long I revise, I've developed the habit of using soundtracks, with no lyrics, as timers. I've heard of some pretty odd methods, like scenting your revision with lavender, but I think listening to these soundtracks will suffice for me!

Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary

 I was so pleased to hear that with Skyward Sword came a new arrangement of Zelda's most iconic and nostalgia-inducing tunes. At a manageable length of 45 minutes, this CD's perfect for a little chunk of revising. Gerudo Valley is a place with mixed emotions for me - hours spent in that bloody archery minigame for some arrows I never even used, an exciting escape from a prison, and of course, the infectious music!

LoZ: Skyward Sword
I've been able to fly like this in my dreams for years.

Ace Attorney Gyakuten Meets Orchestra

Another reorchestration of the soundtrack of highly popular DS series, Ace Attorney, the familiar themes sound so much better from a full symphony orchestra coming out of proper speakers, transporting me straight back to the courtroom. My favourite from this CD is most definitely The Steel Samurai, which never fails to make me smile. It is, after all, Edgeworth's favourite TV show.
Awkward Zombie

Lord of the Rings

Finally, for some solid revision, there's all three soundtracks to the legendary trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. I grew up with the books and the films, so the music envokes not only the breath-taking scenery of Middle Earth and the epic battles that took place there, but takes me back about a decade ago, curled up in my room, just reading. To this day, my bedroom's plastered with Lord of the Rings posters, as it was one of the few things my sister (and thus, I) liked that was mainstream enough to make them.

Words cannot express how desperate we all are for The Hobbit, starring Dr. John Watson himself, along with Sherlock as Smaug, and  Mitchell from Being Human as one of the dwarves. SO EXCITED.

Bilbo with an unexpected party


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