Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Union Jack

Recently in English class as a point of discussion, my teacher asked us what we thought was part of 'being British' - what does our national identity encompass? It was a surprisingly tough question, and all I could really think of was tea, royalty, poor work ethic and the insatiable desire to complain about everything.

Nevertheless, I've always been happy in UK, and generally proud to be British. I'm lucky enough to be having a decent childhood and I've everything I need. Especially as the London Olympics are drawing ever nearer, I think a little patriotism is in order.

Dress: Next
While browsing through Next on Saturday, this maxi dress really stood out to me, though admittedly I think it looks better in real life. The busy yet subtle flower pattern balanced the Union Jack print, which I seem to remember is only on a long panel at the front of the dress.

Jumper: Topshop
Boots: Doc Martens
I rarely shop at Next, because things are expensive there. I practically never shop at Topshop, for not only is it expensive, it is also overpriced. Actually I first saw the frankly awesome Union Jack jumper on the left somewhere on the blogosphere, and it's apparently cotton too, one of the two acceptable materials (the other being wool) for knitwear under my newish clothing standards I adhere to in order to buy less, better quality clothes. But £46? Piss off.

I don't even like to think about the price of Triumph Doc Martens, but they're so beautiful. An iconic British brand of boot, it deserves a place in this post.

In recent years there's been a lot of clothes bearing the American flag being sold and worn in this country, but unless I were American or really, really, really loved USA, I'd never wear their flag, but there you are. That's fashion. But I compel you, fellow Brits, to choose your Union Jack to wear instead. I was about to say that a little patriotism never hurt anyone, but lying is a sin!

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