Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunshine and sherbets

In stark contrast to the... sleet? which is chucking it down outside on this grim Sunday morning, I had a rather lovely day shopping with my mum yesterday. As well as a dash of sunshine, some strawberry sherbets and a present for my niece, it was also an excellent oppurtunity to try out my dad's fancy new camera.
For my niece


Throughout the day I noticed a considerable amount of London 2012 Olympics-related oddities, from cushions to mugs to dresses. Consequently my next post will be Union Jack themed, inspired by Next's patriotic collection. In the meantime, there was a little shop selling the most charming handmade cushions - aren't they adorable?

Cushion: Jan Constantine

We also did a spot of china shopping, purchasing some plates to use at home, a whole set of teaware, and some saucers to go with some magnificent teacups we just had to buy a few years ago. Some time I will have to photograph them. I do believe tea tastes better when one is drinking it from a piece of art!

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