Thursday, 1 March 2012

Graphic t-shirts

As an ex-tomboy, I spent the first decade of my memory in t-shirts. My sister being a huge Pokémon fanatic - which naturally rubbed off on her easily-influenced infant sister - we've family photos of the pair of us in Pokémon t-shirts she printed off herself. Those were golden days.

But if you think graphic t-shirts have to be juvenile and boring, please reconsider!

Whether it's Simpsons, Star Wars or deformed mice, if you can think of it, it's on a t-shirt somewhere; and somewhere, somebody is absolutely rocking it. I love the combination of an ordinary t-shirt with something unexpected and reinventing, like a lace skirt or blazer.

For me, there are a few simple but important things to consider when buying t-shirts:

Does it fit?
I think fitted t-shirts look infinitely better than massive baggy shapeless ones, in most cases, and are a lot easier to look good in. I've got quite manly broad shoulders so another thing for me is ensuring I can flail my arms around comfortably in the t-shirt.

Is the colour suited to me?
Different colours will look better on different skin tones - there's probably a whole guidebook written on the subject, but the easiest way is to just try it on. I've got a lilac t-shirt which looks a bit weird against my yellow oriental skin tone, but it would probably look better on someone who is of paler, clearer colour.

Is the picture awesome?
It is all too easy to accumulate a massive collection of t-shirts, some of which you don't often wear, if you're not picky with the graphics on the t-shirt. Is the picture unique? Do you have a special liking for what it's portraying? Will you absolutely regret it if you walk out of the shop without it? I have a vest with the same picture as Elisabeth G.'s t-shirt above. As well as the ribcage, spine and pelvis, it's got mathematical-looking scribblings all over it and it is just awesome, so I bought it.

As most of my own graphic t-shirts have eluded my LB, I will have to put up my whole collection some day. My sister's taken the camera I usually use (maybe because it actually belongs to her...) but I've got a new one coming through in the post, but it will probably still be a while.

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  1. Loving the blog! It's quirky and different :)

    Hope you're fantabulous


  2. thx for comment ;) your blog is cool!

  3. hey! thank you for your lovely comment =) your compliments made me blush a little hahhah.

    you asked about my hair. i have reddish hair but i've used a henna hair colour to make it a bit more colourful. and i like it a lot. henna colours make hair so healthy and strong.

    1. oh and i must add; you have very lovely blog!

    2. Well your hair is gorgeous ♥ My best friend's a flaming redhead, we affectionately call her Ginge xD
      Ta for the comment! =)

  4. Great post and blog ;)
    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment dear!


Thank you ♥

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