Sunday, 11 March 2012


Love them or hate them, Converse All Stars are an American classic which has long since perpetuated worldwide fashion. They may just be cloth on a sole with some laces thread through them, but they're surprisingly versatile, and capable of adding a touch of informality and playfulness to almost anything.

I haven't worn mine in a while, since it's been winter and I've been living in my boots, but this weekend it was so warm and sunny it was almost like spring, so maybe it's time to break them out again?

While Converse look great in the classic shorts or jeans, I especially like slightly weirder combinations, like wearing them with dresses and skirts. Matching a playful dress with Converse is a perfect casual summer look; and if you've picked just the right colours, they look amazing with long socks and a skirt like Petrushka T.'s.

Batman Converse!
I unfortunately can't say I care much for Western comics, but I once drove past a girl wearing all black, except for purple Batman Converse and a comic-book-print bag. She looked awesome.

The first thing I did to my teal blue low-tops, an old friend of mine too who I look forward to wearing more often this summer, was lace them up in an interesting yet practical way, which I had researched beforehand.

Socks: DIY
Trainers: Converse
Lattice lacing method
I've gotten countless compliments for it, and it works especially well with the wide white laces of Converse. It's super easy to do, is no trouble at all since low-tops' laces don't exactly need a lot of loosening and tightening, and is much more interesting than the conventional lacing method.

Due to my lack of sandals and other such summer shoes, I spend a lot of the warmer months in Converse. I love wearing them with dresses, as it's such a simple look and really shows off the shoes. Though I bought my blue Converse from an ordinary sports shop on the high street, it's a surprisingly rare colour which I don't often see on other people, which is just as well for me!

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  1. Love that lace technic <3 Thanks for sharing :))

    check out our blog

  2. I love Converse, I basically live in mine! I have a pair of blue sequinned low tops, black low tops, neon pink with a neon blue tongue and some black high tops. I really want a pair of white high tops too though!

    PS. Thanks for the comment!

    - Olivia xx

    1. Oooooh, sequins! I love seeing the more unique designs out there.

  3. I'm so so glad I found your blog like asdfghjkl! It's so helpful and I felt like back-reading just to see and read your fashion posts, incredible outfits :) xx

    1. Thank you, so glad you like it! Do stick around ;)


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