Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Onto the bandwagon

Onto the bandwagon I do myself hurl, for in the end I am, dear, but a sad vain little girl.

I know nothing about photography, baking, art, music, la haute couture, writing or being interesting. But apparently blogging is fun so now I begin in earnest. Ready Steady Let's Get Started GO

Bag: mum's cupboard
Boots: Clarks, belonging to my mum
knee-high socks: Pringle, TK Maxx
Tights: mum found them, they're probably ancient
Dress: M&S, a Christmas present
Belt: sister's, getting quite bashed up now
Cardi: mum's, part of her uniform

Boots: Clarks, mum's boot collection

These beautiful Victorianesque button boots don't get worn enough by either my mum or me, and despite the high heel, they're actually quite comfortable. Perhaps I am simply just getting more and more accustomed to heels, but I don't think I'll ever feel as home in them as some. Anything that physically moulds me to an uncomfortable shape or position repels me slightly.

I am noticing that I'm wearing less and less of my own clothes now. Our whole family's got man shoulders so we can pretty much share wardrobes, and dressing like a granny even if you're a young spring chicken is more and more 'in' nowadays.

While I do love the colour, and opaque tights in general, I will be on the lookout for ones just like those, as they're too short for me. They're probably very old, from China, and just aren't very elastic, unfortunately.

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  1. Hey Cassaela! Thanks for your comment on my Jason Wu Springtime Dress time post :] I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate it. I love this dress. Super cute and it can be worn all year! I'm so glad we have something versatile like this in our closet!!

    Would you like to follow each other? Your pictures and outfits are really well put together!

    <3 Miianne


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