Monday, 6 February 2012

Button bracelets

I first got the idea from my old friend Kyt, who got some rainbow buttons from eBay and strung them into an elasticated bracelet years ago. I searched DIY tutorials and simplified them to hell so even a simpleton like me could handle it.

These I made as Christmas presents in each of my friends' favourite colours. With it, I threw in a bead ring (which I did not make but found for £1 each from Edinburgh Woolen Mill,) which I packaged in a (terribly hand-sewn) drawstring pouch.

I've always had a great appreciation for presents handmade by the giver, as I know how time-consuming and personalised it can be. In primary school I had bags of time for making presents, but I made these well in advance, not that they take long to make - 5, 10 minutes?

The hardest bit is going to the indoor market on a Saturday to get the materials. 16 buttons from the haberdashery shop with the smiling Indian lady, and 50cm of narrow ribbon. I am so lazy and cheapo there isn't even a proper fastening - the ribbon's just tied in a butterfly knot.

Arrange 2, 8-button-long sequences (I like to arrange them so no 2 identical buttons are adjacent), and thread them onto the ribbon, first with it facing you and the next, with it facing away, taking from each sequence alternately. Tie a couple of knots in the ends so the buttons can't go awandering. That's it.


  1. That's a wonderful idea!I keep the buttons from old clothes in a bag and I didn't know what to do with them!I will definitely try that!


    1. Thank you - I've always adored buttons, they're so cute and useful!

  2. AHHHH Cass!

    ;w; As soon as I saw this post I wondered if I was the inspiration ;) I found my button bracelet the other day actually! Sadly, the elastic is old so it snapped, but I still have all the buttons <3

    I think one day we should reunite and spend the day making all manner of button-related items!

    And P.S. You're talking about my favourite shop in the market, right? Is it still the same Indian lady from all those years ago?

    Ahhh :D

    <3 Gwen xxx

    1. I have a bunch of plain rings I want to glue buttons on, we should do that o.o Yes, that's the shop in the market, I love it too! Miss youuuuu ;_;


Thank you ♥

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